Caravan Industry Recognised in High-Profile Awards

The team at Northpoint Enterprise Park would like to take this opportunity to congratulate one of our long term Northpoint residents Gabby Montagnese of New Age Caravans, who has recently won the 2016 Excellence in Manufacturing Award.

This award is part of the Women in Industry Awards which has been developed to recognise and reward the achievements of women working within the mining, engineering, manufacturing, logistics and commercial road transport industries, and aims to raise the profile of women in these sectors, as well as promoting and encouraging excellence.

Upon receiving this honour Gabby said, “It is fabulous for our industry to be recognised for excellence in manufacturing. This is the first time a caravan or RV manufacturer has had a nomination, let alone a finalist and a winner. This allows us to showcase that our industry is a career of choice for women all over Australia”.

It is unsurprising that Gabby has been gathering accolades as her company New Age Caravans has very quickly become an industry leader, now holding the mantle as the second largest caravan manufacturer in Australia.

When asked about the key factors of New Age Caravan’s success, Gabby says it’s about never being complacent and always striving for excellence in all aspects of business. “It’s more than just product; it’s also about leadership, workplace culture, business-to-business relations and aspiring to improve the quality of life of our customers.”

This recent achievement for Gabby comes just a few short months after taking out the 2016 Caravan Camping Sales Future Leaders Award.  It’s fantastic to see Gabby gaining wider acknowledgement for her success and to have manufacturing in the caravan industry recognised in national awards.