Northpoint Enterprise Park has long been considered at the forefront of offering professional, progressive investment for businesses that invest within their Estate. This includes:

  • High quality Industry and Business environment that is the result of a comprehensively master-planned vision, including extensive wetlands and open-spaces, with wide tree lined streets and boulevards
  • Easy accessibility for customers, suppliers and their own distribution networks via Cooper Street, now a 6 Lane major arterial road, as well as immediate proximity to the Hume Freeway and Edgars Road
  • Location and proximity to key businesses and amenities within the area including the Melbourne Wholesale Fruit Vegetable and Flower Market, The Northern Hospital and Epping Plaza Shopping Centre

Also key to the strength and reflective of their progressive thinking and forethought of planning for Northpoint Enterprise Park is their offering of Natural Gas as a clean and efficient energy source to it’s businesses.

The attraction of offering natural gas is that it is widely considered the best energy choice for business because it is instant, clean and infinitely controllable. It is also safe, efficient, reliable and convenient to use. For a multi-purpose Business Park such as Northpoint Enterprise Park the flexibility of natural gas is appealing, as regardless whether it is for an office or factory heating, gas cooling, power generation, boiler, hot water and commercial kitchens to a variety of manufacturing applications, there is a natural gas appliance that suits all of these business energy needs.

Some other positive potential business benefits include:

  • Natural gas delivers consistent low running costs
  • As a lower carbon emission fuel, choosing natural gas instead of other fossil fuels may help a business lower its carbon footprint
  • Natural gas is reliable, as unplanned supply interruptions are rare. The natural gas distribution networks allow flexibility in managing short term load fluctuations
  • Natural gas is convenient.  Unlike gas stored on-site, it’s always there when you need it and there is no concern about running out of fuel, or arranging deliveries
  • Costs are predictable as unlike other energy sources, the unit price of natural gas is not impacted by sharp price fluctuations, allowing you greater control over the cost to your business

Committed to working with network professionals for each stage of our development, offering natural gas to all land holders is no exception. For connection or technical guidance and advice, we deal with APA Group – Operator of Australian Gas Networks. The Victorian Industrial & Commercial Representative, Networks Commercial is Scott Hardy who can be contracted on 03 9463 8397 or 0438 076 246.