One of the many features of Northpoint Enterprise Park is its three large areas of regenerated wetlands and open spaces.

McMullin Property has from the outset, been committed to regenerating these wetlands to ensure that amongst the many developments taking place, the native flora and fauna have a reliable, safe habitat that they can call home.

The final stage of the wetland regeneration has been undertaken in conjunction with MZL Australia with the installation of aquatic plants. Whilst much of the landscape work had been completed earlier in the year, the planting of this particular plant species was intentionally delayed until the warmer months to ensure strong growth. There has also been netting installed over the plants to keep the abundant local birdlife away to give the new plants the opportunity to become established.

The development and landscape work around the Northpoint Enterprise Park wetlands are now complete, although we will continue to manage the maintenance for two full summer periods before the wetland and reserve are handed over to Melbourne Water and the City of Whittlesea.