The last piece of the jigsaw within Northpoint Enterprise Park’s road network is in place and opened to the public on 23 June 2017.

This network of roads includes a further part of the Edgars Road extension which initially includes only the Western carriageway.  In the future, the Eastern carriageway will also be built, at a time to be determined by VicRoads, at which point the road will be divided with 2 lanes, and then ultimately 3 lanes in each direction.

The signals at the corner of Edgars Rd and Taryn Dve, next to Bunnings, have been turned on as the intersection is now fully functional. There is a further set of lights installed on the corner of Edgars Road and Willandra Dve intersection but these will not become operational until Edgars Rd extends into the next estate to the North to meet up with O’Herns Rd.

Within this area, there is also extensive landscape works currently being undertaken, largely in and around the wetlands, extending alongside Edgars Road.