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Northpoint Enterprise Park is the premier Business Park in the North of Melbourne. Situated in the prime position opposite the new Melbourne Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Market on Cooper Street Epping and adjacent to the Hume Freeway. Land is available for immediate purchase or development and we regularly work with businesses to customise a parcel of land or create land and building packages to suit virtually any need.
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Responding to travel and public transport challenges

Significant improvements to the road network surrounding the Northpoint Enterprise Park and ConnectNorth Business Park has long been a priority for the McMullin Property team. The benefits include improved access to and then flow throughout the Business Parks, as well as simple, quick access to all local arterial roads.

It is great to see that the City of Whittlesea has recently updated theirĀ ‘Road and Public Transport Plan’ and the roads through and surrounding Northpoint Enterprise Park and the adjoining ConnectNorth are high on the agenda.

Click here to read their comprehensive report that includes:

  • The transport story so far
  • How we will meet the challenges
  • Arterial roads
  • Collector roads
  • Intersections
  • Public transport
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • The way forward

In summary, the roads directly impacting the Business Parks include:

  • O’Herns Road Interchange
    High Priority
    Funding committed: due 2018/2019
    Access to residential estates in Epping North and the Cooper Street employment area is currently limited to High Street – Epping Road and Cooper Street via the Hume Freeway.The construction of the O’Herns Road interchange will enable Epping North residents and the Cooper Street employment area much-improved access to the Hume Freeway. It will also decrease congestion on the local road network including Epping Road, Cooper Street and Miller Street.
  • Edgars Road extension, Willandra Drive to O’Herns Road
    High Priority
    Edgars Road is a north-south arterial road from Mahoneys Road in Thomastown to Cooper Street in Epping that also connects to the Metropolitan Ring Road. A missing link exists between Cooper Street and O’Herns Road that could provide connectivity to the Cooper Street employment area and the residential estates north of O’Herns road.The extension will provide an alternative north-south arterial connection to Epping Road as this section of Edgars Road would redistribute traffic through Epping and Epping North. It will reduce congestion on High Street, Epping Road, Mill Street and Cooper Street and increase peak period capacity along Epping Road and Cooper Street.

    Wider benefits include bus, walking and cycling connections from the residential estates to Epping Central and the Cooper Street employment area to provide an increased level of accessibility for the community. Improved employment opportunities in Epping Central will also arise.