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Northpoint Enterprise Park is the premier Business Park in the North of Melbourne. Situated in the prime position opposite the new Melbourne Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Market on Cooper Street Epping and adjacent to the Hume Freeway. Land is available for immediate purchase or development and we regularly work with businesses to customise a parcel of land or create land and building packages to suit virtually any need.
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Local Businesses Making Moves In Epping

Businesses in Epping are on the move, but not for the reasons that you may think. Epping, conveniently located just 18km North of Melbourne’s CBD, is on the fast track for economic and residential growth.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the City of Whittlesea population is forecast to grow from 160,372 in 2011 to 333,700 in 2036. Epping itself is predicted to expand by over 26% within the same time frame, which is impressive considering there is substantial commercial development within the suburb.

Northpoint Enterprise Park, which is the premier Business Park in Melbourne’s North, has seen an interesting trend emerge from local Epping businesses. They want to move, but not away from Epping, within Epping. The economic growth and development in the area makes it the place they want to stay, but with the evolving development of the suburb these businesses see benefits in repositioning themselves.

 “The last 6-12 months has seen us talking to a lot of local businesses that have grown from humble beginnings and now need larger premises, but are keen to stay within the Epping area. I would estimate that 20% of current land enquiries at Northpoint are coming from local businesses which see the benefit in relocation.

Melbourne’s north is a hive of activity, with a remarkable amount of residential and business growth. I refer to Epping as the ‘Epicentre of Melbourne’s North’, and of course we see Northpoint Enterprise Park as the heart of commercial and industrial development within the area.”

Northpoint Enterprise Park’s Development Director, John Purdey.

Location is a major feature of Northpoint Enterprise Park. Occupying 126 Hectares [312 Acres] on Cooper Street, stretching from the Hume Freeway past Edgars Road to the East, means Northpoint is directly opposite the soon to be opened Melbourne Wholesale Fruit Vegetable and Flower Market. From the day the Markets open it will bring an additional 5,000 jobs to the area. The flow on effect of a development of this magnitude is massive, and we have seen a jostling for positions where businesses can best take advantage of this dramatic influx of people and employment.

The first major retailer to make the move, shifting from their current home in High Street Epping to a high exposure site within Northpoint on Cooper Street is retail giant – Bunnings Warehouse. It is expected that Bunnings will open its doors on Cooper Street in 2015.

“A common theme amongst business that are looking to shift within Epping is the strong desire to stay local. Their businesses have benefiting from the area’s consistent economic growth, which has been a large contributor to their need for expansion. In the older industrial areas of Epping businesses are finding increasing amounts of congestion caused by residential traffic. We have been in negotiations with several businesses located on Miller Street which are now looking to move to a location they feel is more suited to their commercial pursuits.”

The benefits of Northpoint, both for businesses moving into the area for the first time, and for those relocating include:

  • Access to a high quality Industry and Business environment that is the result of a comprehensively master-planned vision, including extensive wet-lands and open-spaces, with wide tree lines streets and boulevards
  • Accessibility for customers, suppliers and their own distribution networks via Cooper Street, now a 6 Lane major arterial road, as well as immediate proximity to the Hume Freeway and Edgars Road
  • Location and proximity to key businesses and amenities within the area including the Melbourne Wholesale Fruit Vegetable and Flower Market, The Northern Hospital and Epping Plaza Shopping Centre.

Northpoint’s attraction extends beyond its location, accessibility and infrastructure. The Estate is backed by the McMullin Group, a leading Melbourne property development firm which gives businesses the opportunity for a flexible approach in their transition.

The team at McMullin Group, in an effort to ensure a strong mix of complementary businesses have found flexibility is key.

“Our goal is to develop strong working relationships with businesses so that we can really understand their current and future needs. As we have a clear ‘Big Picture’ of all the developments and opportunities happening within Northpoint, we are well equipped to customise a parcel of land or create a land and building package that will suit their need both now but more importantly, well into the future.”
Says McMullin Group General Manager, Mr Matthew Benson.

There is the added attraction for businesses of the staged development that is going on at Northpoint. At Northpoint, Land is available for immediate development but can also be reserved within future stages. This creates a flexible time-frame for businesses that may not be prepared for an immediate commitment but are looking to secure a suitable development site in the future.

“We enjoy working with business to obtain an outcome which benefits the strategic direction of their company.” Says John Purdey

For further information about Northpoint Enterprise Park contact:

John Purdey
Development Director – Northpoint Enterprise Park
0418 320 394
03 9831 8900

The opening of the New Melbourne Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market is getting closer

Anyone who has visited Northpoint Enterprise Park, Epping in recent years, or businesses operating in the area will be very aware of the impressive development taking places directly opposite Northpoint Enterprise Park that is the new Melbourne Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Market.

Melbourne’s wholesale fruit and vegetable market is to be relocated to this new site in Epping, and redeveloped into a modern, innovative and efficient fresh produce trading and distribution precinct.

The market is an important part of the state’s economic infrastructure, with an annual turnover in excess of $1 billion.

Here are a couple of pictures of the current facility, nearly completed but not yet occupied.

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