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Northpoint Enterprise Park is the premier Business Park in the North of Melbourne. Situated in the prime position opposite the new Melbourne Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Market on Cooper Street Epping and adjacent to the Hume Freeway. Land is available for immediate purchase or development and we regularly work with businesses to customise a parcel of land or create land and building packages to suit virtually any need.
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From Discussion to Development, Costco is Coming to Epping

Costco finding a home in Epping has long been discussed, but this week has seen a positive step from discussion to development when the Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Innovation Frank McGuire joined Whittlesea councilors for the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Epping Costco.

Pacific Epping, which owns the land that the American discounter will be built on, has begun upgrading and building a number of roads around the 13,788sq m store site.

Roadworks include an extension of Childs Rd, through Deveny Rd to Edgars Rd.

Whittlesea Council approved the $30 million Costco store in 2013, however, building works are just now underway and with the store being due to open until 2018.

When complete the store will create 250 full-time jobs and sell almost everything from cradles to coffins.

Epping Costco Ground Breaking Ceremony. Image via Whittlesea Leader

Epping Costco Ground Breaking Ceremony. Image via Whittlesea Leader

Private Hospital Plans Announced Within Northpoint Enterprise Park

Northpoint Enterprise Park has long supported the development of a community focused precinct with the development initially through the custom built, state-of-art medical centre, the Epping Medical Centre. More recently the Eclipse Childcare Centre has been built. Epping Gardens, an aged care home is currently under construction by Heritage Care, and most recently Mantra announced their plans for a brand new $70 million hotel to be built opposite the Epping Medical Centre.

This week an exciting plan has been revealed, for the development of a $250 million private hospital of up to 360 beds, built on land adjoining the Epping Medical Centre. This announcement sees the fruition the long term objectives of the Northpoint Enterprise Park development team to create a comprehensive, facility focused community precinct for the rapidly expanding population that calls the north of Melbourne home.

Below is an extract from an article written by Nick Lenaghan that appeared in the Australian Financial Review about the private hospital development. The full article can be read here.


Generation Healthcare REIT will partner with Healthe Care Australia, the country’s third-largest private hospital operator, on a $320 million medical campus at Epping in Melbourne’s north.

The venture underscores the rapid maturing of healthcare property as an asset class and will be the first major new development by Generation since it was bought out by Canada’s NorthWest Healthcare Properties earlier this year.

The development will proceed in two stages after Generation took an initial $29 million stake last October in the Epping Medical Centre.
The investment – a debt-structured deal involving a put-and-call option – was an opportunity with considerable upside for Generation, led by Miles Wentworth.

Population in the catchment is expected to grow by two-thirds over the next 20 years. Now joining that opportunity is Healthe, which is led by Steve Atkins and has a powerful owner, China’s Luye Medical, which absorbed the Australian operator after gaining FIRB approval last year.

The centre was only 52 per cent occupied when Generation came in. It sits in an underserviced zone, within one of Melbourne’s fastest-growing urban corridors.

In the first stage, Healthe will take up much of the vacancy in the centre after a refurbishment comprising four operating theatres and 30 beds. Then comes the bigger stage, a $250 million new private hospital of up to 360 beds, built on land adjoining the centre, on which Generation put its foot through an option in the original deal.

The Epping centre is close to a public hospital, a benefit that should help drive further demand. For Mr Wentworth, the Epping project follows a model Generation has used successfully on other sites – Frankston and Casey on Melbourne’s outskirts and at the Epworth hospital – across its $760 million portfolio.

“It’s about creating significant, integrated health campuses,” he told The Australian Financial Review.

Population surge
Population in the area is expected to grow 64 per cent over the next 20 years, a big drawcard for Healthe, which is rapidly expanding with the backing of its Chinese owner.

“That catchment area has been under-bedded from a private perspective,” Mr Atkins said. “People have had to leave the area to get services. As we have seen the public hospital get bigger and bigger, our belief is the private opportunity presents itself.”

Partnering with a property trust, such as Generation Healthcare, has been a key element in Healthe’s expansion over the past decade. With Epping, it will have 36 hospitals, but only one of them is held on the balance sheet and the rest held in third-party trusts.

“It’s one of the things that’s allowed us to grow so well,” Mr Atkins said. “It’s a prudent manner in which to deploy capital. In the last seven years, we’ve spent close to $500 million on brownfield expansion of our existing hospitals.

“There would be few in our market who have done anything close to that. Having that REIT relationship has certainly supported that.”

Institutional investment into healthcare real estate is surging. Yields are being squeezed. Emerging players and existing platforms are accumulating bigger portfolios.

Even Australia’s largest listed office landlord, Dexus, is getting into the scene. In June it unveiled plans for an unlisted $760 million healthcare property fund.

Another rapidly growing manager is Barwon Investment Partners which is investing out a $500 million institutional healthcare property fund it launched last year.

“The maturity of the asset class will create more opportunity,” said Generation’s Mr Wentworth.

Firming yields and the demand to free up capital to fund services will give pause for thought for healthcare operators owning real estate, which will “consider doing some sale and leaseback or using the partnered capital” to assist their growth, he said.

Responding to travel and public transport challenges

Significant improvements to the road network surrounding the Northpoint Enterprise Park and ConnectNorth Business Park has long been a priority for the McMullin Property team. The benefits include improved access to and then flow throughout the Business Parks, as well as simple, quick access to all local arterial roads.

It is great to see that the City of Whittlesea has recently updated their ‘Road and Public Transport Plan’ and the roads through and surrounding Northpoint Enterprise Park and the adjoining ConnectNorth are high on the agenda.

Click here to read their comprehensive report that includes:

  • The transport story so far
  • How we will meet the challenges
  • Arterial roads
  • Collector roads
  • Intersections
  • Public transport
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • The way forward

In summary, the roads directly impacting the Business Parks include:

  • O’Herns Road Interchange
    High Priority
    Funding committed: due 2018/2019
    Access to residential estates in Epping North and the Cooper Street employment area is currently limited to High Street – Epping Road and Cooper Street via the Hume Freeway.The construction of the O’Herns Road interchange will enable Epping North residents and the Cooper Street employment area much-improved access to the Hume Freeway. It will also decrease congestion on the local road network including Epping Road, Cooper Street and Miller Street.
  • Edgars Road extension, Willandra Drive to O’Herns Road
    High Priority
    Edgars Road is a north-south arterial road from Mahoneys Road in Thomastown to Cooper Street in Epping that also connects to the Metropolitan Ring Road. A missing link exists between Cooper Street and O’Herns Road that could provide connectivity to the Cooper Street employment area and the residential estates north of O’Herns road.The extension will provide an alternative north-south arterial connection to Epping Road as this section of Edgars Road would redistribute traffic through Epping and Epping North. It will reduce congestion on High Street, Epping Road, Mill Street and Cooper Street and increase peak period capacity along Epping Road and Cooper Street.

    Wider benefits include bus, walking and cycling connections from the residential estates to Epping Central and the Cooper Street employment area to provide an increased level of accessibility for the community. Improved employment opportunities in Epping Central will also arise.

Budget Wins For City Of Whittlesea

The City of Whittlesea has one of Australia’s fastest growing populations. Fortunately they also have a pro-active Council who are big-picture focused, with a view to backing the ongoing growth and development of local facilities to suitably support their growing population.

Many of the large projects that have been identified as being needed within the City of Whittlesea, such as main roads and public transport improvements, aren’t Council’s responsibility. But just because they can’t directly build them, doesn’t mean they can’t have a say. They  focus significant efforts into lobbying the Victorian and Federal governments, on behalf of the City of Whittlesea’s residents and businesses, for the important projects the City needs.

Each year before both governments release their annual budgets, the City of Whittlesea submits their wishlist of projects that they believe need to be funded.

This year the City of Whittlesea has had some wins for their community.

Victorian Budget

• Yan Yean Road duplication: $125 million for the duplication of Yan Yean Road in Plenty and $96.6 million for the stage 2 upgrade to the Yan Yean Road in Yarrambat

• $162.7 million to upgrade and expand inpatient infrastructure at the Northern Hospital

• Edgars Creek Primary School (land) funded as part of $70 million investment to purchase 11 sites across the state

• $13.8 million for the construction of Yarrambat Park Primary Proposed P-6

• $2 million for the installation of traffic lights at Plenty Road/Macmeikan Street/Laurel Street/Wallan Road

There was also funding for some ongoing projects:

• $600 million for the Mernda rail extension project

• $11 million for Mernda stabling and Broadmeadows government land purchase

• $15 million for the Mernda Police Station

• $2 billion in Community safety funding for Victoria Police – including 45 new Police Officers for the Whittlesea area

• $77.7 million for the O’Herns Road upgrade

• Funding for stage 1 and stage 2 upgrades to Plenty Road in Mill Park and South Morang

• $700 million over four years towards upgrades for the M80 Ring Road

• $100 million for the North East Link for planning and pre-construction activities

They continue to advocate for an Outer Suburban Arterial Roads Program to include Epping Road duplication, Bridge Inn Road duplication, Edgars Road extension, Findon Road, Childs Road duplication, Plenty Road duplication, Craigieburn Road East duplication.

Federal Budget

• O’Herns Road Interchange: The Federal and Victorian governments agreed to the $3 billion Victorian Infrastructure Package– which includes the construction of O’Herns Road Interchange.
This is of great benefit to the businesses within Northpoint Enterprise Park as it improves access to and from the Hume Freeway and to the Park and area in general

• Roads to Recovery: The Federal Government renewed its commitment of $4.4 billion from 2013-14 to 2020-21 for the construction, repair and upgrade of local roads – many are in the City of Whittlesea.

Epping Gardens: Care and Quality to be delivered in Beautifully Designed Aged Care Development North of Melbourne

In November 2016, Heritage Care will be stamping its signature style for beautifully designed Aged Care facilities with a $32 million development project in Melbourne’s booming northern suburb of Epping.

eg-image4Construction is scheduled to commence in November 2016 with expected completion by early 2018. This development is designed by Point Health Architects and built by APM Group (Aust) Pty Ltd. McMullin Property is the developer, working closely with Heritage Care from inception to completion.

Epping Gardens has the fortunate position of starting with a blank canvas. Heritage Care purchased the land within Northpoint Enterprise Park, where they have had the opportunity to select a prime location to fulfil their resident’s needs.

The facility is easily accessible via major road networks, and is directly opposite the Epping Medical Centre, which is a custom built medical centre housing a vast range of medical, health and wellness services and specialists. The Epping Medical Centre also has future plans to develop a Day Procedure Centre. The Northern Hospital, being the major hospital in Melbourne’s North is less than 5 km away and there is an International Hotel planned for development in an adjoining allotment.

Once complete, Epping Gardens will offer state-of-the-art residential aged care services for seniors. The new development will provide a range of options and benefit-geared solutions for all stages of ageing, offering a coordinated design, one that is tailored to individual needs and connects with the local community.

“Heritage Care is pleased to serve Australia’s aged care residents. We look forward to opening Epping Gardens to meet increasing demand for residential aged care. It is well known that Australians are living longer. In 2015, there were approximately 500,000 Australians aged over 85. By 2055, it is estimated that 1,900,000 Australians will be over the age of 85. This ageing population is a key driver of the expected shortfall of 70,000 aged care beds by 2022.” Says George Gabriel, Executive Chairman, Heritage Care.

“We look forward to working with the local community around Epping Gardens to improve our residents’ experience. To this end, we will work closely with the local medical precinct, including the medical professionals of nearby Northern Hospital and the extensive allied health networks of the Epping Medical Centre.” Says Mr Gabriel

Through a cleverly, custom designed facility, supportive staff and an engaging program, Epping Gardens will deliver a caring and supportive environment that promotes supported independence where appropriate, aiming to keep residents physically and mentally active, eating well, staying socially connected and having access to a high standard of clinical care.


About Heritage Care
Founded in 2002, Heritage Care is an Australian, independently owned, provider of residential aged care.

Heritage Care originated from humble beginnings with a single aged care home accommodating 43 residents, but this was just the beginning of a vision for owner Tony Antonopoulos, now the Managing Director.

Heritage Care currently operates three residential aged care facilities; Chomley House, Prahran; Watergardens, Sydenham and Heritage Gardens, Bayswater North. The Heritage Care team are currently developing close to 1,000 new aged care beds across its existing portfolio, with future developments coming to Mt Eliza, Melton and Werribee.

eg-image1 eg-image2

Epping Gardens Ground Breaking Ceremony – In Pictures


From L to R: Trevor Gorman, McMullin Group; Councillor Mary Lalios, The City of Whittelsea; George Gabriel, Heritage Care


From L to R: Trevor Gorman, McMullin Group; Councillor Mary Lalios, The City of Whittelsea; George Gabriel, Heritage Care


Rob Fatovic, McMullin Property


From L to R: David Ross, McMullin Property; George Gabriel, Heritage Care


From L to R: Ian McMullin, Rob Fatovic and David Ross all from McMullin Property


Councillor Mary Lalios, The City of Whittelsea


From L to R: Ian McMullin, Managing Director, McMullin Property; Peter McMullin, Chairman, McMullin Group; John Purdey, Development Director, McMullin Property; Murray Ness, City of Whitlesea, Steve O’Brien, City of Whittlesea; Matt Benson, General Manager, McMullin Property


O’Herns Road Will Benefits From $3 Billion Infrastructure Boost Announced by Government

Our Northpoint Enterprise Park and McMullin Property team regularly advocate for continued improvement of infrastructure surrounding the Business Park to support and assist the rapidly expanding business community that chooses to call Northpoint Enterprise Park home. Recently Cooper Street has seen a significant upgrade and the infrastructure package announced by the Prime Minister today includes an exciting upgrade to O’Herns Road that includes a Diamond Interchange with the Hume Freeway.


The full announcement by the Prime Minister today:

The Australian and Victorian Governments today struck agreement on a $3 billion Victorian Infrastructure Package that will unlock critical funding for more than 40 key road and rail projects across the state.

Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull said this multi-billion dollar package will improve access to our road networks, jobs and economic hubs.

“I am pleased the Victorian Government has matched our funding of $1.5 billion to deliver vital upgrades to 40 road projects across the State,” Mr Turnbull said.

“These projects will drive investment and innovation, improve freight efficiency, and business productivity.

“We are investing and building for our future by reducing congestion as our population increases – this includes $1 billion upgrade to the Monash Freeway to ease traffic congestion.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Darren Chester said commuters will experience the benefits in the long term with efficiencies – allowing people to do business or get to work quicker.

“We will be delivering Monash Freeway upgrades, M80 Ring Road upgrades, Murray Basin Freight Rail Project, an Urban Congestion Package, and a Rural and Regional Roads package,” Mr Chester said.

“Following our commitment to invest in an Urban Congestion package the O’Herns Road Interchange project has been included.

“The Australian and Victorian governments have also agreed to develop a comprehensive business case for the Monash Freeway upgrade to investigate and consider options to reduce congestion.  This will be oversighted by a joint Australian and Victorian government steering committee.

“We are proud to be delivering the roads that Victorians have been waiting for and we are confident they will reap the benefits.”

The Australian Government has committed $1.5 billion, the Victorian Government has committed $1.5 billion.

See complete press release here 

Aged Care Has Arrived At Northpoint

breakingground-ceremony-300-400On the 9 November 2016, the McMullin Property team, in partnership with Heritage Care hosted a Ground Breaking Ceremony for an exciting new development that is starting within Northpoint Enterprise Park: Epping Gardens Aged Care.

Located in Willandra Drive Epping, Epping Gardens is a 148 bed aged care development to be owned and operated by Heritage Care.

This development further enhances Northpoint Enterprise Park’s Health and Community Precinct, which already incorporates the Epping Medical Centre and Eclipse Child Care Centre, who are both close neighbours to the aged care project. The bustling Northern Hospital is also just a stone’s throw away from this exciting new Development.

The Ground Breaking Ceremony was well attended by local industry stakeholders and the wider health care community, all eager to see what Heritage Care has in store for the Development and the needs of the local elderly community. Heritage Care Executive Chairman George Gabriel was on hand to take part in the Ceremony, and had this to say of the momentous occasion;

“The location of Epping Gardens is not an accident. Firstly, we have deliberately selected Epping due to its high population growth outlook. Secondly, we have deliberately selected Willandra Drive Epping because of its strategic location within a medical care precinct – close to both Northern Hospital and Tristar Medical Group, plus the added benefit of a nearby child care centre.
The synergies and potential benefits are substantial as Epping Gardens works with local community service providers.”

George went on to talk about the need for aged care services for our increasingly ageing population;

“The challenge is that longer life expectancy is bringing increased demand for health care services in old age. Over the next 40 years, it is estimated that there will be approx 2 million Australians over 85 years old, compared to less than 500 thousand today.

This ageing population is driving demand for residential aged care and is leading to an expected shortfall of 70,000 residential aged care places by 2022.”

After further comments by McMullin Property Executive Director Trevor Gorman, Councillor Mary Lalios had the honour of ‘turning the first sod’, and in doing so marking the Developments official commencement.

How the project impacts on the local community

The project is expected to be complete by mid-2018. In addition to providing care to 148 elderly citizens from the Shire of Whittlesea and surrounds, the project will provide a huge boost to local employment with in excess of 350 workers to be employed on & off site during Construction. Once construction is complete and Epping Gardens opens it doors, there will be a further 200 full time jobs created to run the home.

From L to R: Trevor Gorman, Executive Director, McMullin Property; Cr Mary Lalios, City of Whittlesea; George Gabriel, Executive Chairman, Heritage Care

From L to R: Trevor Gorman, Executive Director McMullin Property; Cr Mary Lalios, The City of Whittlesea; George Gabriel, Executive Chairman, Heritage Care

From L to R: Ian McMullin, Managing Director, McMullin Property; Peter McMullin, Chairman, McMullin Group; John Purdey, Development Director, McMullin Property; Murray Ness, City of Whiitlesea, Steve O’Brien, City of Whittlesea; Matt Benson, General Manager, McMullin Property

Construction has commenced on Epping Gardens Aged Care


Women in Industry – Excellence in Manufacturing

Caravan Industry Recognised in High-Profile Awards

The team at Northpoint Enterprise Park would like to take this opportunity to congratulate one of our long term Northpoint residents Gabby Montagnese of New Age Caravans, who has recently won the 2016 Excellence in Manufacturing Award.

This award is part of the Women in Industry Awards which has been developed to recognise and reward the achievements of women working within the mining, engineering, manufacturing, logistics and commercial road transport industries, and aims to raise the profile of women in these sectors, as well as promoting and encouraging excellence.

Upon receiving this honour Gabby said, “It is fabulous for our industry to be recognised for excellence in manufacturing. This is the first time a caravan or RV manufacturer has had a nomination, let alone a finalist and a winner. This allows us to showcase that our industry is a career of choice for women all over Australia”.

It is unsurprising that Gabby has been gathering accolades as her company New Age Caravans has very quickly become an industry leader, now holding the mantle as the second largest caravan manufacturer in Australia.

When asked about the key factors of New Age Caravan’s success, Gabby says it’s about never being complacent and always striving for excellence in all aspects of business. “It’s more than just product; it’s also about leadership, workplace culture, business-to-business relations and aspiring to improve the quality of life of our customers.”

This recent achievement for Gabby comes just a few short months after taking out the 2016 Caravan Camping Sales Future Leaders Award.  It’s fantastic to see Gabby gaining wider acknowledgement for her success and to have manufacturing in the caravan industry recognised in national awards.

Childcare Now Available Within Northpoint

Eclipse Early Education Epping is a new, custom built child care centre located with the vibrant Northpoint Enterprise Park. This immaculate new centre offers 94 places, with convenient  opening hours for working parents of 6.30am until 6.30pm Monday to Friday, only closing on public holidays.

With a strong focus on enquiry and learning, the Eclipse Early Education Epping provides age appropriate educational programs for children aged from 6 weeks to 6 years. The nurturing environment is light, modern and spacious with a focus on the use of natural materials. The environment is purposely designed to foster a feeling of calm and a sense of belonging by all members of the Eclipse community.

Included daily for the children are delicious, wholesome meals, catering to varying dietary requirements, cooked with love onsite by their passionate and dedicated chef.

Centre tours and visits by potential families are encouraged, so parents can feel assured about the high quality of the facilities and the caring and nurturing nature of the educators.


About Eclipse Early Education Epping

  • 94 place child care centre
  • Open Monday – Friday, 6.30am – 6.30pm
  • Caters to children from 6 weeks to 6 years
  • Open year around, excluding public holidays
  • Delicious healthy meals prepared daily by a qualified chef

Contact Eclipse Early Education Epping


Time lapse of Epping and Surrounds


As a major growth corridor through Melbourne’s Northern suburbs, Epping and its surrounding suburbs, in particular those adjoining the Hume Freeway and Cooper Street, have gone through ongoing growth and development.

Expansion has been equally buoyant in both commercial and residential developments within the area.

This time lapse aerial image of the area demonstrates the year by year changes between 2010 and 2016.

New Age Caravans Owner a 2015 Finalist for Telstra Business Woman of the Year

Congratulations to Northpoint Enterprise Park resident, Gabby Montagnese who is a finalist in the 2015 Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Victorian Entrepreneur. 

Gabby started her business New Age Caravans on a lease block within Northpoint Enterprise Park in 2009. Since then the business has grown from strength to strength, and New Age Caravans have continued expand within Northpoint to accommodate their operations, which now includes over 160 staff.



Gabby Montagnese — New Age Caravans
Victorian Entrepreneur

Gabby Montagnese is one of a kind – managing director and owner of the fastest-growing Australian caravan manufacturing business that is leading the sector with its contemporary designs. Eight years as a product manager for a multinational electricity provider gave Gabby practical knowledge in IT, organisational change, business improvements and marketing that she transferred to Epping – based New Age Caravans in 2009. With the industry experiencing historically low building rates in 2010, Gabby revolutionised the industry by creating a modern range that has seen New Age Caravans become Australia’s biggest manufacturer of full-sized caravans, employing 160 people. Keeping current with the latest technology and construction methods has helped Gabby to expand facilities and hire locally at a time when manufacturing generally is uncertain. No stranger to the outdoors herself, Gabby heads to the coast as often as she possibly can.

“I firmly believe that access to the caravanning lifestyle helps families and couples come closer together and instils the ideals of community back into their lives.”


Congratulations Gabby for your well deserved position on this impressive list of successful female business leaders. The Northpoint Enterprise Park commend your achievements. 


And it OPEN… Melbourne Wholesale Market

Epping has been transformed overnight with the official opening of the new Melbourne Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Market, which houses 3,000 businesses, who employ 7,500 staff.

These new Market’s are considered fundamental to Victoria’s fresh food industry, but this facility is also going to evolve businesses in and around Epping through the sheer volume of people that are now travelling too and working in the area.

Interested in finding out more….

Market drawing new users to the north

By Nicole Lindsay
Published in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 July 2015

Owner occupiers are driving land sales in Melbourne’s north, close to road infrastructure, the airport and the new $600 million Epping Market, which is set to open next month.

The 70 hectare market, 22 kilometres north of the city, will be the new home for nearly 3000 traders selling fruit, vegetables and flowers into the retail market.

The Epping Market has more than 100,000 hectares of warehousing space for the operators but  business estates around the market, Northpoint and Alliance, are also reporting strong sales as market operators and suppliers jockey for positions.

New developers are also entering the area. Last month, developer Clement Lee paid $14 million for the 46 hectare former Epping quarry at 215 Cooper Street – just a year after it changed hands for $7 million.

CBRE agent Dean Hunt, who handles leasing inquiries for several business estates in the north, said enquiry from owner occupiers is strengthening.

“In the last six-12 months there hasn’t been a property which hasn’t sold. If we list it, it sells,” Mr Hunt said.

The wholesale market will have a big impact, because it takes up a huge area of land and is drawing new operators into the whole of the northern sector, he said.

McMullin Group director John Purdey said the group’s $1 billion 120 hectare Northpoint Enterprise Park is now 85 per cent sold.

“Things are going gangbusters. We’ve sold 35 blocks since last November,” Mr Purdey said.

The most recent deals, at around $250 a square metre, have been to a range of owner occupiers and some builder-developers who are planning to spec-build properties.

Northpoint is now preparing for buildings that cater to users of the business parks, with a medical centre, an aged care facility and a hotel.

Colliers agent Ashley McIntyre said the owner occupier market in the north is so strong that she is fielding calls from people trying to buy properties advertised for lease.

“A combination of low interest rates and the self-managed super funds are driving the owner occupiers,” she said.

According to research by Knight Frank, the north now has the largest amount of vacant space in Melbourne, reflecting the precinct’s increase in new construction in the past 12-18 months.

The city’s overall industrial vacancy rate increased by 47,500 to a historic high of 950,000 hectares in the second quarter of 2015, despite an increase in take-up levels.

CBRE research indicates 180,000 square metres of leasing deals have been executed so far in 2015 in Melbourne, with investment sales reaching $346.9 million.

CBRE director of industrial and logistical services Matt Haddon said $878 million worth of deals had changed hands nationally, the slowest start to the year since 2010.

“But a number of major deals are either being marketed or in due diligence, so sales volumes are on track to top the $5.4 billion achieved last year,” Mr Haddon said.

Planning Minister Approves Major Activity Centre in Epping


Planning Minister Richard Wynne

As was reported in The Age last week, in his most significant major approvals since taking office, Planning Minister Richard Wynne has signed off on five new “activity centres” in middle and outer Melbourne, in a bid to generate more jobs and higher-density residential development.

The new activity centres signed off by the government are in Epping, Cranbourne, Werribee, Moorabbin and Footscray.

The new zoning for the areas is designed to attract businesses and residential developers to the areas by specifying where certain types of projects are wanted.

Mr Wynne said the rezoning would “unlock both investment and jobs”, and said the Epping Central activity centre he had approved would serve a booming population in the city’s north.

His approval of the new centre would, he said, “provide guidance to investors on what form of development is suitable” in specific areas.

Whittlesea Council, which is responsible for the new Epping activity centre, says the approval will pave the way for the creation of hundreds of local jobs.

The council has 11 major sites that developers have been waiting to get approval for projects.

Whittlesea mayor Ricky Kirkham said there was a “myriad of investment opportunities” in Epping, but that the area was still a mystery to many.

“Many people don’t realise that Epping is closer to the Melbourne CBD than Ringwood,” he said.

To read the whole article click here.

Find out more about the Epping Central Development

Northpoint Manufacturer Supplies Key Components To Western Australian Mine

2014 saw the move by leading international manufacturer Eriez Magnetics to Northpoint Enterprise Park in Epping, Victoria. Eriez Magnetics is an American company with their head office located in Erie Pennyslvania and manufacturing facilities in Australia, Europe, China, India, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and South Africa. They are considered a world authority in advanced technology for magnetic, vibratory and minerals beneficiation applications. Eriez Magnetics design, develop, manufacture and market magnetic separation, metal detection and materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment for process and metalworking industries.

The decision to move Eriez Magnetics’ Australian operation to Northpoint Enterprise Park was driven by a need to find a suitable location to accommodate their expanding manufacturing requirements. In January 2015, within their new Northpoint Enterprise Park facility, Eriez Magnetics have for the first time utilised their new manufacturing capability by supplying two giant 34 Tonne Heavy Duty Electro Magnets destined for a new iron ore mine in Western Australia. After being wholly manufactured in the new Epping factory the giant magnets were loaded onto two heavy haulage vehicles. Two 20 Tonne cranes performed this enormous lift by operating in tandem to replicate a single lifting process. The outcome was a simple, single lift, drive through operation.

These impressive 34 Tonne Heavy Duty Electro Magnets will be installed above conveyor belts in a Western Australian Iron Ore Mine to remove damaging steel prior to it reaching crushing machinery. The success of this separation process means possible serious and expensive damage to mine equipment caused by the steel entering the crusher is prevented.

Eriez Magnetics Managing Director Malcolm Davy says:

“What we have just achieved in our new Northpoint factory would not have been possible in our former premises. We would never have been able to manufacture such a significantly large product in-house. To load these large magnets onto haulage vehicles would have required emptying the entire factory to allow hired mobile cranes access to move them.  Our move to Northpoint opened up the opportunity of building a larger facility with state of the art technology and customised layout. The installation of significant lifting capacity by cranes has made a massive difference to our manufacturing capabilities. We also feel that our attraction to this location’s quality infrastructure and easy access to Australia’s major road network has been a great decision. With simple access for heavy haulage vehicles to the freeway network proving simplifies the logistics of moving such significant items across Australia.”

Located just 18km North of Melbourne’s CBD, Northpoint Enterprise Park, in Epping Victoria has been attracting a range of local, national and international companies to relocate to the Business Park.

Key attractions for businesses making the move to Northpoint include:

  • Convenient location close to key infrastructure, road networks and away from the congestion of substantial residential development
  • High quality, professional environment created by the master-planned layout and design of the Business Park,
  • Flexibility in land packages as well as the possibility of attractive land and building packages
  • Support of a proactive, progressive local Council in the City of Whittlesea


Eriez Magnetics Pty Ltd is located at 21 Shirley Way, Epping.

Eriez Magnetics two 20 Tonne cranes lifting the 34,000kg Heavy Duty Electro Magnets onto Haulage Vehicles

Eriez Magnetics two 20 Tonne cranes lifting the 34,000kg Heavy Duty Electro Magnets onto Haulage Vehicles


Eriez Magnetics 34,000kg Heavy Duty Electro Magnets on Haulage Vehicles leaving the Eriez factory in Northpoint Enterprise Park, Epping, Victoria to travel to the Western Australian Iron Ore Mine.

Eriez Magnetics 34,000kg Heavy Duty Electro Magnets on Haulage Vehicles leaving the Eriez factory in Northpoint Enterprise Park, Epping, Victoria to travel to the Western Australian Iron Ore Mine.


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Community Services Precinct set to assist in social and health issues in Melbourne’s North

Melbourne’s Northern suburbs are home to some of Australia’s fastest growing populations.

In the heart of this growth is The City of Whittlesea, incorporating the suburbs of Epping, Lalor, Thomastown, South Morang, Whittlesea, Mill Park, Mernda and Doreen. With a view to establishing a comprehensive plan for their future, in August 2013 the Council released their Community Plan designed to shape the following seventeen years; ‘Shaping Our Future: Whittlesea 2030’. Shaping Our Future identified five of its top ten priorities linked to the availability of health and community services for the residents.* To this end, the thriving Northpoint Enterprise Park, that until now has been recognised for its commercial, industrial and retail developments is taking steps to help tackle this community and infrastructure challenge head on.

ShapingOurFuture-PopGrowth-WebNorthpoint Enterprise Park is making a significant investment in developing a Community Services Precinct within the Estate. Underpinned by the existing Epping Medical Centre, this Precinct is located on the Eastern side of the 126 Hectare [312 Acres] Estate.

The Epping Medical Centre has undergone significant change in the last twelve months. Current and ongoing developments guarantee continued growth in the already comprehensive range of medical, health and wellness services available to local residents and businesses in Melbourne’s north.

Developments at the Epping Medical Centre include;

– An update of the Centres brand – Now known as the Epping Medical Centre

– The addition of a General Practice operated by Tristar Medical Group. The renowned Tristar Medical Group operate over 40 general practices throughout Victoria, New South Wales and ACT, with further Practices set to open in South Australia and Northern Territory in 2015

– Opening of The Private Specialist Centre which increases the availability and range of specialist services available through the Centre

In addition, planning is underway for the addition of a Day Procedure Centre within the Epping Medical Centre. Land directly adjacent to the current Medical Centre has also been rezoned for use as a Private Hospital.

In further news, Northpoint Enterprise Park is welcoming Eclipse Childcare to the Estate, who will be opening a modern, new, 92 place Childcare facility immediately adjacent to the Epping Medical Centre. Construction of this new facility will commence in January 2015 with the Centre expected to open later in 2015.

“Our research has shown that in the vicinity of Epping there is significant demand for childcare. The majority of centres in Epping are near the ‘old’ part of the suburb and most of these existing centres are already either full or have only limited vacancies. Introducing Eclipse Child Care at Northpoint Enterprise Park will provide parents with access to top quality child care, in a brand new building all conveniently located near Cooper Street, on their way to the freeway.” 

Says Eclipse Managing Director, Hugh Ellis

There are also plans underway for an Aged Care Facility located near the Epping Medical Centre and Child Care Centre within the Estate.

“As has been our practice within the commercial, industrial and retail areas of Northpoint Enterprise Park, we actively seek suitable partners. This has been fundamental to the ongoing success of our Estate, ensuring that businesses who share a similar philosophy on growth, development, presentation and professionalism are located together. We also want to ensure that all the community facilities developed within the Park are offering complimentary services and will maintain the highest standard of quality, both in terms of the buildings that are built and services that are offered.”

Says Northpoint Enterprise Park’s Development Director, John Purdey

Image – Shaping Our Future: Whittlesea 2030, available from City of Whittlesea website

* https://www.whittlesea.vic.gov.au/your-council/plans-strategies-and-policies/~/media/Files/Your%20Council/Plans%20and%20strategies/Community%20Plan%20-%20Shaping%20Our%20Future.pdf

Edlyn Food: Growing In The North

Edlyn Foods are an unquestionable success story amongst our residents at Northpoint Enterprise Park in Epping. 2015 is set to be a busy year for this innovative leader in the food services industry.

Edlyn Foods was established more than 80 years ago, and has grown to currently employ 90 staff and distributes food to 300 wholesalers Australia-wide. Their brands include Edlyn’s self-branded baking products and condiments, Woods Premium Condiments, Majectic Foods and Lyndon Grove Fruit Drink.

Since relocating to Northpoint Enterprise Park 6 years ago Edlyn Foods has doubled in size. This considerable commercial success and ongoing growth has driven the need for additional capacity. They have planned expansion on multiple fronts including the large expansion to their existing facility in Ricky Way, Epping, adding a 6,000 sqm distribution centre. Edlyn Foods are also developing a new dedicated Dry Food production facility in Maryborough, Central Victoria, located approximately 2 hours’ drive from Melbourne.


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Funding Announcement for O’Herns Road Upgrade

Labor have announced they will invest $40.7 million to connect O’Herns Rd and reduce traffic congestion in Epping North. Labor has committed to build a ‘diamond’ interchange on the Hume Freeway at O’Herns Rd and to duplicate a 1.4km section of O’Herns Rd.

See the announcement on the ABC News, Monday 17 November 2014.